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Here you can find out about our dedicated team and why they love Artist Proofs so much!!


 Oceania & Asia 


David is a simple fan of great design and is a collector at heart. He noticed MtG growing and wondered about it but never indulged. With the arrival of the Flesh and Blood, he has been able to take those first tentative steps into obsession. In that fresh hunt for full digital art, David noted there was no single place where all of the full images could be found. As someone who loves efficiency and cutting to the chase, he sympathised with any other new players & collectors trying to do the same and so he started the Flesh and Blood Arthouse group on Facebook .


The hunt for missing art led David to start researching and reaching out to FaB artists. in turn led to not only discussions about prints and art proof cards but also personal friendships and functioning business relationships, all borne out of the love of the FaB art. A steady growth of connections has led to the expansion of the original FaB Arthouse group into the wider Arthouse set of groups, such as TCG Arthouse and Sorcery Arthouse. With the power of many minds, Arthouse Syndicate was formed…scary isn’t it!


North America, South America & Europe


Phillip came up with the idea of a group dedicated to the distribution and coordination of specialty items between artist and public because of there existing a need for such. He had started buying Artist Proofs for himself from the artist but found that the shipping costs were often ridiculous for just single cards. He then started offering to buy for his local players as well. The time and research that it took to locate and open communications with the various artists was also significant, many people would not have the ability to do this on their own. So he became a central figure locally for people to request and purchase proofs through. He has made multiple 4 figure transactions across multiple artists just for those in his immediate vicinity.

He was then approached to help run an auction for more unique proofs which was very successful and from there, others throughout his country sought to start buying proofs through him. Many had asked about things more then just proofs such as prints and custom artworks. It became apparent that there was a very real need for someone willing and able to coordinate this.


Design & Web Support

Judge 2.JPG

Dane has played TCGs for over 15 years, starting with Magic the Gathering. He has been involved in some form of hosting and organizing TCG events for the past 10 years, even working at a local LGS for a period.  He demonstrated TCGs like Magic the Gathering, The Spoils and Pokémon to new players. He has started working with David and Phillip to help bring more artists in to the public eye and making their Artist Proofs available.

He currently lives in Vietnam, and managers the Flesh and Blood community in his local city of Hanoi.

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